domingo, 4 de marzo de 2012

Alegria*Tv show 5. Conscious pregnancy experiences with Camila and our b...

Hi* Master Generation, 
Today in Alegria*TV, meet our enlightened son Inti*, through a magical journey of Camila's conscious pregnancy experiences, sharing information and tools for a healthy and harmonious conception, pregnancy and birth, also a new affirmation to empower your present experience and life, in joy, fun, love and accompanied with the Visionary Art of Suzanne deVeuve.


presented in english and spanish

Join us on :

Alegriai* Conscious Television with Akahi & Camila from *The Rainbow Sunshine Family*

Be a participant witness of the planetary awareness with Akahi & Camila in this TV space directed toward the human self-empowerment and planetary harmony.

Questions and answers to conscious themes such as breatharianism, life style, health, nutrition, self-sustainability, natural house building, nature preservation and new green technology, new era, meditation, yoga and fitness, among infinite themes that you can recommend us to consider in the show.

Worldwide contacts and representatives:

Betina Gnecco*Fb
Spain , Argentina . 

Vered & Harry *
Israel,Argentina, Spain, Uruguay.

Mariano Villa* fb

Spain, Barcelona.

Nora *
Canada, Mexico

Faby Mend*Fb
Mexico df

Opa Cho*fb

Akahidemy of Light*
San Francisco,CA.

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