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Camila * Sharing the Experience of a Breatharian Pregnancy, 9/2010

Hello Beautiful Ones,
This video is an interview that we did with Supreme Master TV--sharing wonderful information for all women, men, and couples.  I am about eight months pregnant at the time, living the most amazing experience of caring our child and getting ready to receive him into this world.  Tina is our midwife, a wonderful friend who helped us welcome our baby boy with her wisdom and love, at home. 
We prepared ourselves for a water birth--and to be honest it was amazing.  The water was such a blessing for this completely out of body, and at the same time totally physical experience.  Here we share a bit about the natural birthing process, about the benefits of birthing our children the way our bodies know how, the divine capacity that every woman has to give birth naturally, and about my personal experience of living a Breatharian pregnancy.  I had a wonderful time in pregnancy and labor, and grew immensely along the way.  I feel that my lifestyle as a conscious Pranic being influenced in my having lived such a harmonious and truly wonderful pregnancy all along the way.
I hope this informs and inspires you to explore your natural capacities, when it comes to your children and ownselves.  
I am so happy and blessed to have been able to have our son at home with the help and company of such beautiful beings, in the atmosphere the Akahi and I felt was best...That we created.  
Thank you for accompanying us on this amazing journey of life...All the best for you all.
We hope you enjoy....
With infinite love, Camila*Akahi*Inti Alegria


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