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8 day Breatharian Process

********infinite pranic being***********  


* 8 DAY BREATHARIAN enlightenment Process *

 online *VIA SKYPE*

March 8th to 15th, 2012

 starts the thursday 8th at 8 am 

during the 8 day workshop you will recive a perfect secuence of conscious breathing technics,  accompany by a specific diet that includes 3 day fast and fresh fruit and juices.

the cost per person of the full 8 day group workshop online via Skype is: $1000usd, 
2 groups with maximum space for 5 people in Spanish and 5 people in English

reserve your space with a $500.00 USD
 deposit * to:  Non refoundable *
which must be received 10 days before the beginning of the process*  and then
send your name and your basic info to:, International Bilingual Coordinator.

You may choose to receive your retreat in a peaceful place and free from distraction .                                                 All breathing sessions will be given in complete confidence 
a meeting with the participant is required prior to the process

 Infinite Pranic Being* radiates in 8 days of inedited States of Love that are channeled by Akahi*through the conscious breath.  The Divine Nature of the Being* incarnates the Pranic State through the alignment of the mind, body, emotion, soul-spirit aspects,

In this process we work directly with the only consciousness of the Electromagnetic Camp (merkaba, Aura, Body of Light) in breath, in silence, in stillness, activating different sensational states—neuronal and cellular (soul, mind, body) freeing and emptying the Being* of fears and conditioning  that may be blocking the Universalization of evolving Love in the permanent expression of one’s Being*.
.  As a consequence a great evolution of the consciouesness occurs feelings of necessity creaeted by the ilusion of separation desapears , like the necesity to eat, drink, sleep, get sick, age, and die among many others.  You also obtain control over your own vital cycle, as internal codes are activated, magnifying the atomic structure and reprogramming the DNA, reaching your families and children, and new generations.
To better understand the process one should observe it like the infinite symbol, or the number 8
One of the circles is the exhalation—3 days (exhale or consciously permit oneself in silence to empty—mind, emotions, body, soul). 
The point in which the two circles are joined is the nothing-all, end and beginning—2 days (here your inner universe breathes you in your own energy vortex). 
The other circle is the inhalation—3 days, or the conscious absorption of the Cosmic Information that you choose to have.
Along with the diet,during the 8 days with the help of Akahi*,a perfect sequence of Conscious Breathing and Light-Affirmation sessions will be guided, which contain the essential information that the Universe chose for this process.
-1stth to 8th day:   2 breathing sessions each day, in the morning, and at the afternoon.  These include: Pranic Neurocellular Programming, The Abyss of Happiness* Internal Heaven, and Infinite Pranic Light.
*The 8 Days*
1st day, Aligning the Body*:  you permit yourself to eat your favorite fruits and drink fresh juices of the same fruits in the quantity that you choose.
2nd day, Aligning the Mind*:  subtly you permit yourself to drink very smooth fresh fruit juices, reaching a point in which you only drink water in the quantity you choose in the afternoon/evening.
3rd day, Aligning Emotions*:  let go of everything in lightness and permit the Being* to integrate into the emptiness in dry, no fruit or liquids will be ingested on this day, or days 4 and 5.
4th and 5th days, Be* Soul:  in the Still Energy where the duality of the ego turns to dust, here you remember Being* sustained by the Universe and as a consequence the Pranic Consciousness flourishes, at your own natural way, easy and precise for you, it is purely the lived experience.
6th day, Be* Emotions:  on this day from the place of conscious innocence you permit yourself to smoothly integrate liquids into your present, beginning with water in the morning and fresh fruit juice in the afternoon/evening.
7th day, Be* Mind:  Expanding your perception and senses you permit yourself to drink juices made from your favorite fruits, teaching your body to ingest from the space of non-necessity, enjoyment, and pleasure.
8th day, Be* Body:  on this day the Pranic Consciousness is manifested in the sensations, neurons, and cells and a recreation of the entire Being* occurs, observing the benefits of your process, contemplating the expansion of y0ur consciousness and understanding and living it physically from your cellular structure, penetrating and going through all of your bodies and exteriorizing itself in life.  On this day you will drink fresh fruit juices made from your favorite fruiTS.
Breatharian Science Internal Transmition by: Akahi* Ricardo Salas Q.

8 Day Breatharian Transition Process: dates 2012*

-March 8th to 15th

April 7th to 14th 

May 5th to 12th

Via Skype from Cal.  U.S.A.
groups of five people Spanish and English
the cost per person of the full 8 day Group workshop Via Skype is :$1000usd

reserve your space with a Paypal $500usd deposit *Non Refoundable* wich must be received 10 days before the beggining of the workshop at selfmasteryjourney.akahmi@gmail.comthen send your name and your basic info to : and you will receive an instructional message.You may choose to receive your retreat in a peaceful place and free from distraction .
All breathings sessions will be given in complete confidence .
Skype and good internet conection and videocall equipment are required.
more info about the 8 day *Infinite Pranic Being* Breatharian Process in the home page.

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  1. hello Akahi...

    Are you still keeping these 8 day breathing courses?

    I would like to join one of your courses.

    What do you recommend better? Doing the course from home, online on skype, or being present in the location where you keep the course?

    Also I have a question..Are you planning to come to Romania, or Europe? Because I would like to come there but I cannot obtain a visa for United States


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