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Akahi* & Camila in the U.S.

Breathing the Permanent Enlightment with 
**The Rainbow Sunshine Family**

**** AKAHMI ACADEMY*  Conferences, Seminars & Retreats in the U.S.****
chose the best place and date for you, or invite us to your city at : akahmi@gmail.com

October 29th,  Camila's FEMENINE BLISS REREAT*- Sebastopol, Cal.
November 26TH-  Living on Light* Conference : Verity,  Santa rosa, Cal.  15h00pm
27TH.  The Pranic Breath * 1 day Seminar . from 9am to 4pm.

THURSDAY 1ST of  DECEMBER 2011. Sebastopol, California.
for the first time in the United StateS
Akahi* & Camila
World known Pranic-Breatharian Masters, from the Rainbow Sunshine Family & Supreme Master Television 

a profound Breatharian Process of Purification and Consciousness Evolution  for the Living on Light Age

For more information about lodging and what to bring to the retreat email: akahmi@gmail.com and you will receive an instructional message.

*****Mount Shasta, Ca. USA*****
Sunday, December 11th, 2011 - Free open talk: * Living on Light *

Monday 13th - Friday 16th **The Pranic Breath** 4 day Retreat

Transforming the Energy of love into Physical Energy.

Limited group 
Organized by Elena Minari in Ashland, Oregon, USA

For more information please contact her at : artbead@yahoo.com or contact Camila at: camila.luz.divina@gmail.com

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